We invest in cryptocurrencies with promising long-term perspective

How we identify the intrinsic value of an opportunity

Our team continually researches numerous cryptocurrencies, selecting only those that pass our strict standards.

Our team then meets to review and debate the merits of both existing portfolio cryptocurrencies, as well as new opportunities. Once a cryptocurrency survives our rigorous evaluation, we conduct extensive due diligence to determine an investment recommendation.

After another round of review, debate, and research, our team makes a final investment decision. We actively manage and rebalance the fund to ensure the healthiest returns possible without compromise.

We are Europe’s oldest cryptocurrency fund

Our track record is strong—in both bear and bull markets

Our emphasis on fundamentals and value investing has generated returns for investors since 2016. Throughout the various blockchain trends of initial coin offerings (ICOs), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), play-to-earn, and meme coins, we have not wavered from our conviction in fundamental analysis.

Transparency and security are essential

Because there are fewer regulations and protections for the industry, cryptocurrency investments require additional (often bespoke) safeguards. Auditable custody is provided by BitGo, who offer a minimal deep cold storage custody solution. It’s secured through a multi-signature sharded key set-up across multiple physical locations, held by multiple parties, combined with traditional operational governance structures, which ensures transparency and security of the invested assets.

We invite others to hold us accountable

Cyber Capital is fully registered by the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets under the AIFMD-light regime and the Dutch Central Bank. Cyber Capital’s investment products meet the due diligence requirements of a collective investment fund, allowing investors to benefit from several unique advantages such as transparent and secure access, as well as market liquidity of the invested assets and funds administered by reputable service providers.

Sustainable growth since 2016

NAV as at 8 February 2023
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since 1 April 2016
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