Confident in analysis. Contrarian in nature.

Our stubborn adherence to our principles often means we take a contrarian approach to cryptocurrency investments.

From Bitcoin forum activist to chief investment officer

My passion for cryptocurrency stemmed from my background in political philosophy because I could see cryptocurrency’s potential to solve a lot of the world’s problems. As online forum conversations became less technical and more political in nature—particularly during the blocksize debates—I became more actively involved not just through investing, but in the discussions themselves. Questions of economics, governance, censorship, decentralization, and power all transcend technical abilities and languages. Debating the merits of cryptocurrency and identifying their value are skills that have allowed me to develop a strong long-term investment strategy, one that resonates with everyone on the Cyber Capital team. The best thing we can do for the cryptocurrency ecosystem is to continue our research to really identify the cryptocurrencies that have the most merit and thereby steer the ecosystem towards a better end.

We’ve come a long way

As the oldest cryptocurrency fund in Europe, we have celebrated a number of milestones.

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Founder Justin Bons starts mining Bitcoin and makes his first cryptocurrency investment
2013 - June
Justin builds a friends and family portfolio
2014 - January
Cyber Capital is founded in Amsterdam with the formation of Fund A
2016 - April
Cyber Capital takes a critical stance on Bitcoin and divests from BTC entirely
2017 - November
Cyber Capital wins Hedge Fund European Digital Assets Award 2022 for best Best 12-Month Risk-Adjusted Performance
Cyber Capital partners with custodian Bitgo to offer top security for funds
Alexander Werkheim joins Cyber Capital as CEO
Highest performing fund in the world over the year 2017
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We don’t just obsessively research for fun—it’s the foundation of our strategy

Conducting proper research to determine the best cryptocurrency investments takes time, patience, and discipline.

Fundamental analysis

We thrive as problem solvers and excel at deconstructing complex crypto-economic protocols and behavioral models.

Beyond price charts

We find a cryptocurrency’s value in its whitepaper, not its price chart.

Hands-on engagement

We actively engage with management and developer teams to gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles they face and the solutions they want to build.

Our partners

We collaborate with institutions, regulatory bodies, and other cryptocurrency professionals to manage our regulatory risk, as well as expand our knowledge and network.

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